Definition. Med blodfettsrubbning menas förhöjda kolesterol- och/eller (pleiotropic) effects of statins in the management of acute coronary syndromes. J Am.


tract infections and pleiotropic effects on the cardiovascular system. A cautious interpretation of the significance of low vitamin D25OH 

2017-07-25 Define pleiotropic. pleiotropic synonyms, pleiotropic pronunciation, pleiotropic translation, English dictionary definition of pleiotropic. also plei·ot·ro·pism n. Biology The production of diverse effects, What does pleiotropic mean?

Pleiotropic meaning

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Pleiotropic cytokine: cytokine that affects the activity of multiple cell types. A cytokine is a small protein that has a specific effect on the interactions between cells, on communications between cells, or on the behavior of cells. CONTINUE SCROLLING OR CLICK HERE FOR RELATED SLIDESHOW Pleiotropy (drugs) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In pharmacology, pleiotropy includes all of a drug's actions other than those for which the agent was specifically developed. It may include adverse effects which are detrimental ones, but is often used to denote additional beneficial effects. In pleiotropy, a single gene affects many traits. That means the gene product is used in many types of cells in different tissues.

What does pleiotropic mean? Of or pertaining to pleiotropy. (adjective)

Genome-wide association meta-analysis identifies pleiotropic risk loci for Additionally, three previously unknown loci reached suggestive significance  Pleiotropy of genetic variants on obesity and smoking phenotypes: Results from ELAVL4; and rs6990042, SGCZ) achieved a nominal statistical significance. The aim of this article is to survey the pleiotropic e ects of niacin on Concomitantly, it led to a mild increase in MPV (mean platelet. volume)  Many translated example sentences containing "pleiotropic effects" within the meaning of Article 2(a) of the latter directive and contains measures compliance  CONCLUSIONS We identified 6 loci associated with CAD at genome-wide significance.

Pleiotropic meaning

The aim of this article is to survey the pleiotropic e ects of niacin on Concomitantly, it led to a mild increase in MPV (mean platelet. volume) 

Pleiotropic meaning

the phenomenon of one gene being responsible for or affecting more than one phenotypic characteristic. Pleiotropy refers to the expression of multiple traits by a single gene. These expressed traits may or may not be related.

Pleiotropic meaning

Antagonistically pleiotropic genes are the explanation for fitness trade-offs. This means that genes that are pleiotropic control for some beneficial traits and some detrimental traits; thus, if they happen to persist through natural selection, this will prevent organisms from reaching perfection because if they possess the benefits of the gene, they must also possess the imperfections or faults. Pleiotropy definition, the phenomenon of one gene being responsible for or affecting more than one phenotypic characteristic. See more.
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Pleiotropic meaning

There are pleiotropic effects between  av FM Postma · 2016 · Citerat av 72 — adaptation results from genetic tradeoffs (antagonistic pleiotropy) in Frequency distributions of mean establishment and median fitness of  Lipids Health Dis. 15, 118 (2016). Davidson, M. H. Clinical Significance of Statin Pleiotropic Effects Hypotheses Versus Evidence. Circulation. The means of accelerating wound healing can increase overall patient satisfaction In here, we aim to explore the MSC-CM-derived pleiotropic factor in treating  Genetisk pleiotropi (Genetic Pleiotropy). Ord. Genetisk pleiotropi.

These genes produce more than one phenotypic effect which is totally unrelated. The pleiotropic effect is produced by a gene owing to a cascade (succession) of reactions during some metabolic pathway which is influenced by the original gene product and contributes to different phenotypic effects. pleiotropic - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with pleiotropic and much more.
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Pleiospilos · pleiotropic · Pleistarchus · pleistocene · Pleistocene; plenary; plenary to use military means to enforce what is not accepted using other means.

The term was formally introduced into the literature by the German geneticist Ludwig Plate in 1910, 100 years ago. Pleiotropy has had an important influence on the fields of physiological and medical genetics as well as on evolutionary biology. Different approaches to the study of 2016-09-01 · The pleiotropic effects of the statins improve vascular relaxation, promote new vessel formation, inhibit platelet aggregation and reducing vascular inflammation. It is noteworthy that the pleiotropic properties of the statins have been beneficial in a variety of diseases that involve a number of organs and organ systems. What is pleiotropic? Learn here with Sesli Sözlük – your source for language knowledge for a multitude of languages in the world.